100% Natural and Organic

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Ruff Stuff Ingredients

Organic Shea Butter (Naturally rich in vitamins A, E, and F. Melts at body temperature & is rapidly absorbed)

Pure Mango Butter (Skin softening, soothing, & moisturizing properties)

Raw Kokum Butter (Skin softening and contains vitamin E)

Organic Coconut Oil (Antioxidant, naturally antimicrobial & antifungal)

Organic Jojoba Oil (A liquid plant wax that acts as an excellent moisturizer)

Organic Rosehip Seed Oil (Regenerative properties, prevents scarring, and eases inflammation)

Pure Sweet Almond Oil (Excellent at skin penetration and contains vitamins A & E)

Important Disclaimer:

Although our products have been successful for many of our customers, please keep in mind that all animals respond differently to natural remedies.  We do not wish to falsly advertise our products as a gauranteed cure.  Our all natural dog healing balms have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Perform your own research or consult your dog's veterinarian prior to use. The Healing Balms and Bully Doodles are not held liable for misuse or neglect.