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About Us

A quick history of our operation

Bully Doodles are handcrafted in Dayton, Ohio by a husband and wife team. Patrick and Sara O'Connell are the owners of two ridiculously wonderful bull terriers. The love for these dogs inspired the creation of these one of a kind cards, prints, and healing balms.  We opened our Etsy store online in 2015, and the reception has been tremendous.  All of the products we offer have received wonderful reviews from our customers, and we have loved the outpouring support from animal lovers around the world.  We strive to make the best quality hand made gifts possible, and the support we continue to receive has motived us to keep growing larger.  We are now preparing to optimize our operations to fulfill more orders and grow our business.  At this time we are running a small scale operation concentrating primarily on creating the best quality products possible. In order to fulfill our quality standards we are making weekly batches of all of our healing balms in house. All production is based on availability, but we will do our best to fulfill new orders as quickly as possible. We would be happy to assist all of your if you have any questions about our products and services.  Please feel free to click the “Contact Us” button to email any questions you have and we will respond to you as promptly as possible. 



About Sara


Sara is a very caring mother to our two dogs.  She makes sure they are always loved, and that they are always comfortable.  As a pharmacist, Sara insists on feeding the animals a nutritious diet.  She is cautious to the allergic reactions caused by different ingredients in foods, and she always avoids meals loaded with fillers and artificial flavorings.  Sara was the creator of all of our healing balms. It all began when our puppy Sloopy began to get horrible rashes all over her belly.  Her white fur causes her to be extremely susceptible to insect bites and allergic rashes.  Sara tried to apply a number of store bought creams and lotions to no avail.  After discovering that many of the costly products had little to no effect, Sara decided she would research all natural remedies.  It took many weeks for her to create a succesful recipe, but when we tried it on Sloopy the rash was cleared up in a matter of days.  This lit a fire in Sara, within a month she had two more unique healing balm recipes. Armed with her professional experience, she compounded all natural ingredients to create healthy solutions to our dogs’ problems. These products have all worked incredibly well with our two happy companions. We hope that they can help your pets as well. 



About Patrick

Patrick is funny, caring, and honest person.  He enjoys creating artworks of many different varieties.  His favorite art style is cartooning because it brings joy to people of all ages.  He became a professional caricature artist at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio in the year 2000.  He earned his degree in graphic design in 2005. He has been drawing professionally for over 16 years, and his client list is extensive.  He ran his own business at the Indiana Beach Amusement Resort In Monticello, Indiana.  He spent five years as a guest caricature artist for the Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Lines.  He has drawn caricatures and cartoons for large franchises, sports teams, radio shows, opera houses, and many small businesses.  Now he lives in Dayton, Ohio with his wife and two dogs.  His work has taken him around the world, but he is happy working as an independent contractor creating cartoons for hire.  Patrick is the designer for Bully Doodles, and all of the custom artwork you can buy on this site will be hand drawn by him. 

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